Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Pacolet Christmas Lights 2016

On December 23rd, Matt finished up working for 2016 and headed home! I was scheduled to work a few hours that afternoon and meanwhile two of my guys were doing this...

^^They couldn't be funnier if they tried! 

After I got home, we got loaded up into the car and headed to Pacolet to look at some Christmas lights. I had misunderstood that the lights could be mostly viewed OUTSIDE of the car and I didn't dress appropriately for being outside in freezing cold weather. Oh well, we made the most of it! :) 

When we first got there, Mason started screaming with excitement because he saw Santa! We have not taken him (or Maddox) to see Santa mostly because we don't want to pay for it. ;-) This was a fun little surprise and Mason RAN to him, jumped in his lap and summoned for Maddox to come, too. 

 Maddox's little hand on Santa...

They had this antique fire truck in the park area and it was lit up with lights. Of course, Mason needed to check that out. :) 


Multiple attempts at a family picture just made me laugh...
First one was the best one and I should have stopped there. 

The decorations weren't mind blowing but they were pretty and Mason loved them which is what counts! 

Maddox was WORN out! We finished the night looking at lights in a few neighborhoods. It was a good little night. 

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