Saturday, January 7, 2017

Family Time!

Oh boy, what a day I have to share. Matt was off the whole week between Christmas and New Year's and it was delightful. I worked a few half days and otherwise, we just enjoyed some quiet time at home. Thursday of that week, we decided to have a family morning out in Greenville. 

We got everyone fed and loaded up. 

It was a rainy day which was unexpected but we had already planned to go to the Runway Cafe park. I had extra clothes packed for Mason (not shoes) but we just went for it. Well, it ended up being wayyyy more wet that we expected and 15 minutes in, Mason was soaked including shoes and 
Matt was wet including his cell phone. Oh boy. I flipped out and Matt and I had a lover's spat ;-) It didn't go well for a bit there but Matt and I rallied and decided we needed to figure it out so we could enjoy the morning together. 

Also, Mason had a blast so that sure helped! 

We ended up taking a trip to Target to get socks for Maddox. We had accidentally put Mason's socks on Maddox that morning so we thought that was good...until we got to Target and realized Maddox only had one sock on. Y'all, there was nothing to do but laugh! So, we got into target and had to buy socks for Maddox, socks for Mason and shoes for Mason! Thankfully, everything we found was on clearance and was an additional 20% off. So all in all, we were out about $10. Phew! 

Once we finished there, we went to Trader Joe's for a few treats. 

We got something for each of us and then we headed for lunch. We picked Culver's and it was delicious! 




We all had burgers and custard and headed home. The whole family took naps and then we ate an early dinner. We decided to go Michaels to check for clearance Christmas crafts and we had success! 

Matt and I then decided that we wanted to surprise Mason. We let him browse toys at Ross and he found a cool fishing game he loved. We told him we thought it was cool and maybe we could get it one day soon. Then I took both boys and Matt snuck and bought the gift and put it into the car seat. When we went out to the car, Mason was shocked. It was THE. BEST! and a $7 well spent because it has been played with all day everyday for a week! 

Family time is the best time! 


  1. Now I want Culver's again!! :) And I love that you surprised Mason with that game! Parents of the year! How fun! :)

    1. I do believe after all you both have been through this week you deserve Culver's!!