Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Morgan's Movements 2017 {Week 1}

Week One of 2017 is DONE! Let's recap! 

January 1st: It's a new year! and it was our 6th wedding anniversary. Our church did not hold services  so we watched the online service, had oatmeal for breakfast (Mason's favorite), and just spent time at home. I left home twice for Chicken Patrol. 
Maddox was keeping an eye on things! 

Mason found a Paw Patrol coloring book and then asked to watch the show. This episode was a bit intense it seems. :) 

When I went to check on the chickens in the evening, it was so wet and I got somewhat stuck and started sliding all over the place and made this mess. Oops! But those chickens laid 14 eggs so yay! 

Blurry pic but shenanigans like this happen in our house. Maddox on Matt's shoulders and Matt on Mason's shoulders. Pure pre-bedtime fun.  

Matt and I put the boys to bed and celebrated our anniversary with a delicious homemade pizza. Pesto, bacon, mushrooms and caramelized onions. YUM! 

January 2nd: 
Matt headed back to work and it was another rainy day so the boys and I stayed in while I worked on laundry. I decided not to do ANY laundry while Matt was off and it was awesome. That also meant playing catch-up this day. 
This guy LOVES smiling at himself in the camera. 

I was in my room doing something and came back in to find this. He loves to read! 

Oh the sweetness. 

The Rose parade was on so we snuggled up to watch a bit. I even fed the boys lunch in the living room while we extra special treat. 

I continued my chicken lady duties and face-timed with the guys to make sure Mason got to see them since he didn't get to come with me. 

This one gave me a run for my money and wouldn't move out of the way. 

January 3rd: We finished up with our chicken duties on Monday night and Tuesday brought yet another dreary day. Mason had speech therapy where he learned about "s" at the beginning and end of words. He's still got a long way to go with it but he's more aware of that sound now so that's a good thing! Maddox was mostly entertained by me and food while Mason had speech. Eventually, it will be a clear day and we can walk outside while Mason's there, right? I got a haircut that afternoon and it is shorter and feels so good! That evening, Matt and I finished up a movie we'd been watching and enjoyed quiet. :) 

We also made a new bedtime routine list for Mason. It's going great! 

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news! 


Best Daddy...

January 4th: Mason slept awful this night and we aren't really sure why. He woke up early and we think he may have been hungry since dinner was fairly early the day before and he didn't each much of it. Once they were both up, we adjusted to the day pretty easily. We watched Cars during Maddox's morning nap and just played all together when Maddox was awake. After afternoon naps, we headed to our favorite library story time and Matt was able to join us. It was a good storytime and Mason played so well with another little boy and that was such a victory for us. Meanwhile, Maddox is trying to pull up on everything and I am just. not. ready! 

Mason threw the toys out of their room that Maddox tried to play with...#brothers


Mr. Big Stuff


Love him. 

Headed to story time



January 5th: We instituted a new guideline for show in the morning, one in the afternoon/evening. He chose to watch this one with Maddox and it was so sweet. 

After a Paw Patrol show, of course we needed our Paw Patrol coloring book! 

Yay for discounted crafts from last year. We made this together. 

Nap time for the boys meant me building a train table for Mason. He was PUMPED when he woke up! 

Maddox's bottle leaked and that meant a mid-afternoon clothing change. Didn't Daddy match him so well? ;-)

Super Dad while I was working! 

January 6th: The boys and I were up and dressed and out the door before 8:00 to pick up something from a friend so that meant a few pictures were needed!! 

Since Mason was interested in Paw Patrol, I asked some friends if they had a few toys we could borrow since the phase may be short lived. He was so surprised and excited to see them! 


Paw Patrol buddies in their houses. :) 

Farm fresh eggs! YUM!! 

Sweet little love playing...

Dark picture but Mason is learning to put his plate and such in the sink after each meal and he's caught on quickly! 

Sweet boys love each other! 

I worked for the whole afternoon Friday and Matt held down the fort. I got to FaceTime for a quick minute before the boys went to bed. Love them...

January 7th: The last day of the week was a SNOW DAY!! I'll post a whole post about that later this week. 

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