Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mason Says & Does {14}

--Mason crawled up into my lap and said "I love you mom,"  kissed me and then Said, "I love you most". Goodness, melt my heart! 

--During Christmas, Mason asked me to sing Frosty the Snowman and I got caught up on the words as I sang "Frosty the Snowman was a a jolly..." and Mason quickly piped in and said "happy seal, ma!" 

--"I miss you ma, I miss you a lot ma" while sitting right next to me. 

--Mason enjoys the show Octonauts from time to time and he learned about symbiosis in one episode. He later then was able to describe to us, basically, what symbiosis is. It was so cute! 

--Instead of just saying sorry, Mason now says, "Sorry bout dat!" 

--"I love you ma, I love ma-mix, I love my daddy, I love all y'all" Oh my word, this boy.

--Me: "I love this snow."
Matt: "Me too"
Mason: "Me Three!!"

--Mr. Dean needs a snow plow!

--He woke up from nap, looked out the window for snow. He saw it was raining and said "Just rain. Will it turn to snow, Dad?"

--I was singing "Mason Man" to Mason and said the line, "Do you know the Mason Man, the Mason Man, the Mason Man?" And he said "Yeah, Dat's me!"

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