Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 2}

Well, here we are week 2 and I'm already not doing exactly what I'd like to do when I recap our weeks. I had plans to get this post done this weekend with lots of good memories from our week and then we got derailed by the stomach bug so I'm just going to share what I've got and then hopefully get back on track next week! :) 
Matt and I have been working on this puzzle for a while now and it's just taking us! 

Can you spy a Mason??? 

Happy boy playing with his toys! 



Blue jello gave a blue tongue...hehe! 

We had Anna over for a playdate and the kids played so well together! 







AND we still had snow on the ground...

We tried to get a pic of Maddox in his GiGI outfit but it didn't go so well...

This was Mason's attempt to distract Maddox from the toys he was playing with...


Brothers! in their after-nap-ness :) 

Who doesn't need to turn their chapstick all.the.way.up?? 

Reading library books! 

Mason and his PawPatrol buddies to the rescue! 

I blocked little brother in...he was wearing me out! haha! (It was just for a few hours because I needed a break.) 

Ewww....snow was only pretty for a bit. 

Brothers in the bath! 

Early morning selfies because why not?? 

Little cutie in overalls...goodness! 

Another feat...

Helping me make some delicious cookies! Saying "Come on butter, melt!" 

Storytime! (Which might be where we caught the stomach bug)


Kris took the kiddos on a playdate so I could finish packing. Their first selfie. 

The last part of our week was spent in Montgomery so I'll recap that later. :) 

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