Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Boys {January 3rd, 2017}

This past Tuesday, we were all dressed and ready for Mason's speech session so I took some pictures of my guys before we left. It was a dreary day so the lighting wasn't great and of course, when one looked, the other most likely wasn't BUT I love them anyway! 

Maddox first!








Mason! He wasn't interested in the least...

Tried to get them playing together but Mason was, again, uninterested...




Takes some pictures with Mom...uh, no.

Silly face? SURE!

This boy loves some puffs. We never gave them to Mason because we just had Cheerios but I put puffs in Maddox's stocking at Christmas so he's been eating those. 


And lastly, He's beading necklace!

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