Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Late December 2016}

I'll be recapping Christmas and New Year's in separate posts but this is just a little bit of random from the end of December. Starting this week, I hope to begin documenting weekly so that I can keep up a little easier. Here's hoping! :) 

This little guy is at such a fun age! He loves to see himself in the camera so I just kept on snapping! 


Mason and I built this funny train track one afternoon. He loved it!

Matt and I have been saving for nearly 2 years to purchase a new computer. I bought one 7 years ago and it was on it's last leg. We prefer Apple products and they are expensive so it was a lot of saving but we finally did it! Thanks to Christmas money and wrapping change.

I was feeding Maddox one afternoon and Mason came over, pushed up his pants' leg, and rubbed his leg. Pure sweetness.

Snuggle days are the best! Mason preferred a bit of distance of this day. :) 


Playing so nicely. I love that. 

Mason has almost always smiled with his mouth wide open. Maddox has this little thin line smile and I love it so. It's so fun to see their unique personalities!

Snow angels on the carpet! 

Hair gel! er, spit up!

Crawling!!! It all started on 12/19 but by Christmas Day, he was moving full blast!


Mason's artwork. It was completely abstract but when he finished, I saw Rudolph! 



Me and my boys.


The boys and I got out early one morning for a couple of errands because JCP was giving away good coupons. Mason was READY! 

We used our coupon to get a good deal on a super soft blanket! We got home and Mason got right to work snuggling up underneath it!

Big brother has been all about baths. This particular one lasted for over an hour! Maddox and I just sat in the hallway and watched. :)

Excuse the sideways picture but it's a good story. I was pulling up at work when I got a FaceTime call from my guys. When. I left, Maddox had been talking and carrying on and it was loud. Mason asked to call me once Matt got them up and he said "Ma! Ma-mix YOUD!" It was so cute! 

Maddox wasn't copping to it! 

Y'all, this is the good stuff...

Mason made a road for monster trucks. So creative!

On that same day, he asked to eat at the counter. He fixed the majority of his lunch and then stood at the counter to eat it.


Seriously, little mister? 

Christmas is over and that means it's time for Valentine's and Mardi Gras! Bring out the beads!! 

Two boys apparently means ALLLLL of the toys!

And Maddox thinks that's FUNNY!

Matt and I have been enjoying some at home dates this week while he's off. One night was a puzzle, dessert and Person of Interest. Good stuff.

Also, my mouth was numb because I got fillings earlier in the day. ha!

I snuck out of the house the other day and got donuts from our favorite place. We were happy folks! 

On the 30th, Matt let me have the morning to myself. I stayed in bed, watched shows, slept in, read and just enjoyed the quiet. (I repaid the favor on NYE. :)) Right toward the end, I was sending the guys pictures and they were sending me some back. :)


I saw the picture on the left of Mason pop up today and I found the same hat and put it on Maddox. Same date, three years apart. So funny!

I love this smiley boy so much! 

And that's a wrap! 


  1. I am loving seeing Maddox's personality sneak out. What a cutie! Double thumbs up from Mason = pure cuteness. And can you bring one of those donuts for my breakfast this morning? Looks AMAZING!!!!

    1. Oh yes! I'll be right there with your donut, ma'am!!!! :-)