Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 3}

Sunday: I recapped Sunday when I posted about our Montgomery trip and the stomach bug. We spent Sunday low key at Matt's parents and the last part of it was spent driving home. 

Monday: Since we were battling the stomach bug in our house, we kept Monday low key. Little did we know, we would have to spend nearly all of the week at home because of it. I took care of Maddox in our room trying to quarantine him. Meanwhile, these boys were acting crazy while watching a few (read: all of the...) shows. 

Trying to cure our crazy. :) 

Monday evening, this little guy was feeling some better after sleeping nearly all day so he got a bath! 


By Tuesday, Maddox was still dealing with yucky diapers but he was happy and had slept well so we came on out of quarantine! 

The weather was so beautiful for most of the week that we had the doors open nearly all of the time. 

Maddox also learned to pull up in his bed. ah! 

Since it was so pretty, Matt took Mason over to Hatcher Garden to walk around. (I was so glad they got out because later that day, Mason threw up again. We thought it was a re-occurance of the stomach bug but later decided it may have been from drainage because he developed a cold.) 

They brought me these from their walk. :) 

Matt slept in Mason and Maddox's room since Mason had gotten sick and I slept in our room with Maddox who was in the pack and play. We texted Dad and big brother Wednesday morning to let them know we were awake. :) 


Mason played on the front porch and Matt oversaw his doings. Maddox and I hung inside while Maddox pulled up on EVERYTHING!!

Mason woke up from nap in a daze! We could tell his body had been fighting something HARD! 

Meanwhile, Pants-less Mr. Smiley! 

Thursday morning brought work for me and a little guy who was feeling GOOD! 

The boys were at home all day while I worked, picked up groceries and ran lots of errands. Matt later took Mason to CiCi's for dinner. 

Friday morning I headed to work again. Maddox had a blow out...it was a trend for the week and that meant BATH! 

Mason played with a hand-me-down toy. :) 

Friday afternoon, I got some good snuggles with my boys. It was a crazy week and we got tired of each other at one point but the love? still there! 

Saturday, Matt cooked a yummy breakfast! We had some steaks from an Omaha steaks gift and we decided breakfast was the perfect time! :) 

Maddox got to try a bit of biscuit. He was a fan. Not shown: Mason ate 2.5 biscuits, too! 


Brothers playing well together...when it happens, you MUST take a picture! 

I got some snuggles with my big boy while we watched Robots. 

We made a mid-morning trek to Target to get diapers and such. Maddox was unimpressed...

Mason was happy! 

For lunch I had this yumminess...greek yogurt, granola, banana, honey and a few mini chocolate chips. 

When nap was over, Mason got geared up and went to play in the rain. Maddox, Matt and I watched! 

A dear friend let us borrow some AWESOME Paw Patrol toys and Mason got to see them Saturday evening. He was PUMPED!! So excited that he hid under the table in shock! 

Gah, what a way to end the week! I should mention this was after he threw up. Yeah, it is the never ending stomach bug. 


It wasn't the week that we hoped for but we were together. Matt and I got a few at-home date nights to watch movies and eat take-out and we just made lemonade out of lemons! 

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