Friday, January 20, 2017

Montgomery Trip {+ Stomach Bug!}

This past weekend, we headed to Montgomery to spend time with Matt's parents. We were so looking forward to the trip for many reasons. None of us had been since at least last December (we didn't travel at all while I was pregnant) which also meant Maddox hadn't been before. We headed down on Thursday evening and had plans to stay through Monday morning. 

The boys slept for a good part of the trip. 

Then this little one woke up happy...

Traffic changed that for him. Oops! 


We stopped for dinner at CFA and then got to their house about 8ish. We let the boys play a bit before heading to bed. 

The next morning after the boys were awake, I headed to get donuts at G&S, my favorites in MGM. 
This picture should have been our first clue that something was up with our boy because he ate two bites of his favorite donut. 


Smiley little brother! 

The guys built train tracks, Maddox napped and then we headed out for a little adventure. 

The four of us and Matt's mom went to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts. 

My favorite part...



Matt taught Mason how to look at art and say "Hmmm". :) 

The grounds are beautiful as it sits in the Alabama Shakespeare Festival which is where Matt and I were engaged. :) 

On our way home from the museum, Mason threw up. We thought it was a fluke because he was tired but he woke up during nap and got sick again. We caught on that it was a bug. :-(
I was on Mason duty for the next 15ish hours. I got lots of good snuggles from my boy. 


Meanwhile, Maddox was hanging with Daddy and his grandparents. He wasn't sad about it! 



Throughout the night and into the next morning, Mason got sick once but he woke up for the day feeling good. He ate a little breakfast and then Mrs. Claire and I headed out for some shopping while he stayed with Matt, PopPop and Maddox. He got to have a little fun in the pool and help do a little work. 


After naps, we exchanged belated Christmas presents. We got spoiled!! 


That afternoon, we headed outside to play with Mason's new tape measurer that he got for Christmas from his grandparents. He measured everything. 

The big "kids" played with Mr. Rob's drone. 

Matt loved it. Maddox just hung out. ;-)

Mason rode his bike a little bit as well. 

We had a yummy dinner and then Mason got sick, again. UGH!!!! It was awful...

We got him settled into bed and he slept like a rock. Matt and I did this bacon impossipuzzle throughout the day and then the four adults played a game. 

Both boys slept great and woke up happy. 

Mason got pretty fussy after breakfast and then he threw up again. UGH!!!! And shortly after that, he slept for FOUR hours!!! He was exhausted. He woke up happy and then shortly after afternoon nap, Maddox got sick. :-( When Maddox got sick, I told Matt we had to leave. We had already exposed Matt's parents to the sickness by being there and I couldn't bear another night away from home trying to take care of sick kiddos. 

We were so sad because we had plans for a jump park, dinner and lunch out, church and so on and none of it happened!! 

We were all happy we left when we did though because the boys slept great and didn't get sick the whole way home. It wasn't the case for the few days after but the ride home was good! That was an answered prayer for sure! 

Thanks for having us, PopPop and Mammy, despite our puniness! 

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