Friday, January 13, 2017

Maddox {Month 7}

7 Months OLD!!! This was a HUGE month for this little guy. Let's see what's been going on! 

We don't go back to the doctor until next week so I'll try to update then.

Same as height

Head Size:
We won't have this measured again until 9 months old

Maddox-Man, Brother, Ma-Mix,  Bug, Bud, Love Bug, Brother Brother, Mad-Dog, Rooter Tooter, Wormy (because he moves constantly during diaper changes!!)

Maddox is still eating four 8 ounce bottles each day. He eats every four hours during the day and he is now fully on formula. We finished the last of the the breastmilk this month. We are using the store brand of Gentlease.

As for solids, we are moving on along. I was glad to moves full speed ahead with this after holding out for such a long while because of sickness and the horrible diaper rash. This month Maddox had puffs (12/27), carrots (12/9), green beans (12/23), squash 12/27, carrots 1/2, peas 12/30 and obviously, oatmeal cereal and the continuation of applesauce. We have also given him some bits of 
whole foods, as well. 

Maddox is still sleeping great at night. We had a few mornings of slightly early wake-ups but not bad. Morning nap (9-11) has been great as well as evening nap (5-6) but afternoon nap (1-3) has been awful! We are trying to problem solve through that but so far, no luck!

Whew, this was a frustrating month with diapers. We ended up trying three different types as well as wipes because it seems Maddox has sensitive skin and had an allergy. We seem to have found something that works in Target diapers and Pampers sensitive wipes. So thankful for that. Size 5!!

This guy grows like a weed. He is in size 9 and 12 month clothes and some 12-18 month clothes. He has a few pair of overalls that a friend handed down to us and he is so handsome wearing them!

--Maddox learned to wave "hi" and "bye" this month and it's so cute when he does it! (1/1)
--smiling at strangers and friends alike
--first babysitter in early month and liked her
--loves to play with his brother especially

New/fun things from this month: 

--Rolling almost to sitting at beginning of month 
--doing it on his on by 1/2
--sitting when placed for 30ish seconds by 12/7; able to sit without issue by end of month
 --First tooth 12/9
--army crawl 12/11,
-- ear infection/yeast infection; stopped foods for nearly 2 weeks trying to clear up rash
 --crawling 12/19,
 water from cup on 12/21; doing really well by 1/2, 
second tooth 1/1,
-- standing for up to 30-45 when placed against couch, toy etc
--sooo close to pulling all the way up

--bath time with Mason
--eating especially puffs
--crawling all over the place
--chewing on toys, especially Sophie (thanks, Kris)

--sitting in his seat without being fed
--the carseat from time to time
--when his brother messes with him and he doesn't want to be messed with ;)

This little guy is in such a fun stage. The mobility is fun, most of the time, and loves to play with Mom when he can get my attention from brother.

Daddy is the bath time King and Maddox sure loves that. SO much fun. They love snuggling together, too. Pure sweetness.

Pure love for his little brother as well as pure annoyance at the same time. HAHA! Maddox is interested in toys now and Mason's not a huge fan of that. :)

Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Two Months: 

Three Months: 

Four Months:

Five Months:  

Six Months: 

Seven Months: 

Brother Comparison Pictures 
(Maddox--7 months)

(Mason--7 Months)

Hi, Mason!!


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