Saturday, January 7, 2017

NYE 2016

We were home for a low-key NYE together. We were invited to a party but it just wasn't the best choice for us this year. I hope we can join them another year though! 

We didn't take many pictures because it really was just a mostly quiet day at home. However, at 3:30, Matt and I turned music on in the boys' room, pulled out the glow sticks and had a family dance party! 

It's hard to capture a dark dance party even with glow sticks present so these pictures are just okay. But, it's part of the memory so I'll post anyway. 

Up close collage of the best photos. 

Mason dancing with his glow sticks.

My guys showing their glow stick skills!

A cool glow in the dark ball was one of the favorites for sure. 


Hard to see but we put the glow sticks in Maddox's onesie while he was crawling. 

Glow glove! we fancy!

That evening was our first night with the chickens so we did our duty and headed home. 

Matt and I decided to roll into the New Year. Pun totally intended.

We didn't make it to midnight but I was awake at midnight on the dot to help a crying kiddo. So, that's win, I guess.

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