Thursday, January 12, 2017

Snow!! {January 7th, 2017}

Since Christmas morning, Mason has been asking for snow. One day I asked him who made the snow and he responded, "God!" So I told him we had to talk to God about it. On January 7th, we got it!!! 
Mason woke up and we told him to look out the window. He smiled so hugely and then fell back into his bed dancing! Then, he said "I go play!" 

It was so beautiful! 

Getting ready!

First thing Mason did when he went outside was make snow angels. Love it!

Maddox was a bit unimpressed.

Chilly Morgans...

Happy guys!

Sledding is fun!

Itty Bitty snowman

While Matt and Mason played outside, Maddox ate breakfast and I made yummy Dutch Pancake. (I need to share this recipe!) I also made hot chocolate topped with marshmallow cream. YUM!


Hard to see but I was trying to catch the snow plows...

After breakfast, I rested and Matt and Mason watched shows while monitoring the snow fall and Maddox napped. Lunch was yummy sandwiches and smoothies. Then playtime!

He loves looking at himself in the camera. 



Guess we were all tired!

Goodness me!

Nap was a bit crazy because of overstimulation. But whatever. After nap, we bundled back up for round 2! 

Matt had to get icicles off of the AC unit. ha!

Maddox was finally impressed!


We did some sledding!!

Attempt at a family photo after we were inside...not a total fail but not a win.


For dinner we had bacon, olive and mozzarella pizza and some yummy mini dessert pizzas. Cookie butter with chocolate chips and Nutella with butterscotch chips. YUM! 


The night ended with a dance party which is always a complete win!! What a fun snowy day!

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