Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Eve {Boys In PJs}

Christmas Eve night, Matt and I got the boys in their matching pajamas and Matt grabbed some pictures of them. I had planned to let the boys sleep in those pjs but I decided to just grab some pictures, change them and then let them wear them all day Christmas Day because you never know what might happen overnight. ;-)

Maddox was On. The. Move. 


That SMILE!!! 

Bye, Dad...

It was then Mason's turn but he wanted to take pictures of Matt instead. :) 

And then he wanted to take pictures of the tree. 

Clean wet hair and a goofy him. 

Allllll of the faces! 



Rudi's turn! 


Momma got in, too! 

And finally, brothers. 


I cannot deal. 

And then Matt grabbed a few of the boys opening the popcorn maker. 


Yum, paper.

This kid loves popcorn! 


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