Saturday, August 5, 2017

Compost Cakes @ The Library

This past Monday I made a last minute decision to attend an event at the library with the boys. It was about composting and I knew there was a chance it would be over Mason's head but Kris said she had heard good things about the presenter so we gave it a shot. 

It did end up being a bit advanced for Mason but he had a good time, I learned about composting and there was food. ;-)

Learning about what can and cannot go in a compost pile. 

Thumbs up!

Pure silliness!

The kids made compost cakes:
Pudding for soil, graham crackers for browns, fruit snacks for greens, a straw to aerate, a gummy worm for an earthworm, and rain and plants on top with pudding and green sprinkles.

It was a fun time! Maddox was with us too but all he did was eat snacks. 😂😂😂

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