Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What I Learned {July 2017}

1. Heat makes us all cranky.
This July was brutal for us. I think it felt more so that way because June was pretty delightful. One evening, we were all on each other's nerves and we realized, we were so cranky from being HOT! #TEAMACFORLIFE 

2. The Farmer's Market is one of our favorite places.
During the months of June and July, we made it to the Farmer's Market almost weekly. The boys LOVED it and we enjoyed the fresh produce so much. There are so many people to see, booths to support and just plain fun. 

3. Traveling within our state is so much fun!
This month, we made a trip to a city about 1 hour away and we LOVED it! We explored the downtown and ate yummy food. It was just a blast. We also planned two other trips to new places in our state. 

4. Hand, Foot and Mouth is nooooot fun!
Maddox ended up getting Hand, Foot, and Mouth at one point this month and it was awful. He had bumps everywhere as well as a diaper rash. It was just the "gift" that just kept on giving. 

5. A lazy day at home can do a family good.
One recent Sunday, we decided to stay home from church and it was the best choice. We had been so busy with miscellaneous things and we just needed a day at home. That was truly what we did, we took a day at home, rested, recuperated and just enjoyed each other. **It was also a good thing we stayed home because about 8 hours into the day, Maddox got a HIGH fever.**

6. Planning family trips whether day trips or weekend trips, is very very fun!
Like I mentioned above, we are planning a few short trips coming up, one for my birthday and one for Mason's birthday. We are so excited about them! Looking for the places to stay and planning things to do gets us so pumped up for the actual trip. 

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