Friday, August 11, 2017

Of Mess And Moxie by Jen Hatmaker [A Book Review}

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker just released this Tuesday and I wanted to share my thoughts. I'll be 100% honest that I was a skeptic when I picked this particular book. I read Hatmaker's last book, For The Love, and I had mixed feelings about it. 

That being said, I enjoyed Of Mess And Moxie.  The book was hilarious as is most of her writing to me. She's got a unique sense of humor and I rather like it. I also felt like this book was more cohesive than the last book. The chapters were still varied as far as topics but I felt like they made more sense to me this time around. 

I also enjoyed the realness and raw nature of some of the topics Hatmaker covered as well as the humor she was able to bring to those. Hatmaker and her family have been hurt by the church and others and these last couple of years they have learned a lot. I felt like that really came through in her writing and made it more relatable to me. 

I still slightly disagree with some of Hatmaker's beliefs but that doesn't keep me from appreciating her words. I do feel like that is where I have personally grown a lot in the last 2 years myself, being able to disagree with certain beliefs but still glean good things from the writers/speakers etc. 

My favorite sections of this book were the "How To" sections. They were just downright laughable and so true. Trust me, this was the best part. 

**I Received this book for free.**

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