Friday, August 4, 2017

Fun Family Afternoon!

Last Saturday, we decided to load up for a family afternoon. We rarely eat out during the week now. Well, really, once a week Matt takes the boys to eat for their Daddy, Mason and Maddox date and that's it. 
Anyway, we drove to Greenville for PDQ, The Cheesecake Factory and yummy treats from Trader Joe's . 
Chicken, fries and sauce. YUM! 

And then pure silliness with their fun baskets! 


After the awesome dinner, we went to Trader Joe's. Here were our picks. 
Seasoning for all, chocolate bar for Matt, gummies for the boys and the chocolate caramels for me. 

Our last stop was The Cheesecake Factory. We chose Dulce de Leche and Oreo Supreme. YUM! 

Maddox was not interested in waiting...

Neither was Mason...


It was such a fun afternoon together! 

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