Monday, August 14, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 32}

Just covering a couple of days in this post because the rest of our week was spent on the farm! More on that soon! 

I love spying my boys reading! 

Well, that's one way to get to door. Little Stinker

Mason intentionally put crumbs on the floor so Matt made him clean them up. He needed to wear ear protection for that! 

All the love for this boy! 

Maddox was my doctor checking me out. 

This one...

I pulled up a show for Maddox and he actually watched a few minutes. Well, maybe a few seconds. 😂

"Mom, can I watch some videos from church?" You sure can, Bud! 

Learning about making balloons with our mouths to help us be quiet. 




I love these two so much. 

Maddox gave Matt a manicure. 😂😂😂

Matt took the boys on a date and he laughed non-stop because Mason would add ketchup every time some white showed through. 

Saturday morning was a FUN day for us! We started out with a Panera breakfast date. Thanks to free bagels in August, we only paid for some of our breakfast. Always a treat! 
That little arm on Matt's shoulder. 😍

Caught him mid-bite! 

Love 'em. 

We went grocery shopping and then hung out at home for a bit. Then we went out for lunch! We splurged and it was so yummy. While waiting, we played "What item is missing?" Mason's favorite game at restaurants. 

Look at that silly boy's face! 

Told Mason to get in or he didn't get his pancake. HAHA! 

We got home in time to meet the mail man and Mason couldn't wait to run out and give him something: Tampico punch and a granola bar. 

We finished the afternoon with a library visit and once the boys were in bed, Matt and I had a yummy Mexican themed date night. It was a fun time! 

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