Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend in Clemson!

I'm getting ready to celebrate my 33rd birthday (tomorrow) so today I'm recapping our fun trip to Clemson as a family. We took it as an early birthday adventure! 
We were up and at 'em early. The boys woke up early so we got dressed and hit the road. 

Look at Maddox's smile! 😍

All four...I love our family so much. 

My favorite...

We had originally planned to stop at Hardee's for breakfast but it didn't work out so we went to Chick-Fil-A and were reminded of why we rarely go there. #Expensive After we ate, the boys played for a bit before we left. 


Our second stop was Trader Joe's. We love their store and all of the yumminess there. So we picked dup some good treats. I'll share more about those picks later. 

It's their birthday, too! 

Such a HELPER! 

One last stop before Clemson...YUM! 

Hey There, Clemson! 

We drove to the lake to walk the dikes before we stopped for lunch. 

It was such a beautiful day and the temp was great! 



So many smiles! 

After our walk, we went to Esso Club for lunch. 

The food was good but we ordered a kid's meal for the boys and a large meal arrived. When we mentioned it to the waitress, she said she didn't realize we ordered the kid's meal. Honest mistake, however, she didn't adjust our ticket. It was frustrating but we tried to move on! 

Next up, we parked on campus to walk around some. We found 55 Exchange and grabbed some ice cream. 

The boys were so tired and Matt and I were, too. We called the hotel and the room was ready so we went early. I didn't have to lift a finger. Glad to have help.

We got into the hotel and prayed we'd survive the mixed colors. ;-)

Maddox napped, Matt and I napped and Mason got a bit of iPad time. We were all rested and ready to head back out. 

We headed to Abernathy Park to walk and explore. Maddox did not want to wait for us. 


At the end of one of the trails, we found this park. It was the perfect stop before dinner. 

Love those silly faces...

After the boys played and snacks and we were all soaked with sweat, we drove around campus a bit more. We had hoped to walk more but the boys just weren't feeling it so we compromised. :) 

Tried to capture pictures of the stadium It was difficult. 😂

Before we stopped for dinner, Mason needed to pee. #Boys

We had hoped to hit another local spot for dinner but crankiness, lack of parking spots and hunger nixed that. We ate Bojangle's instead, checked out the Goodwill and then went back to the hotel. The boys were exhausted and apparently Matt was, too. The boys were asleep by 8:00 and Matt by 8:30. 

Everyone was awake by 6:40ish and we had breakfast at the hotel. We got dressed and headed out. We had hoped to spend most of the day in Clemson but since the boys didn't love the walking around campus like Matt and I, we changed plans. We headed back to the park to play for a bit. 



On our way out, we saw a bitty baby frog. Mason was PUMPED! 

Shortly after, we headed out of Clemson. 

We drove to Pendleton to explore and found this CUTE bakery. It was so quaint and the treats were awesome! We split the apple danish and brought a cinnamon roll home. 

Our last stop before heading home was The Anderson Jockey Lot! We had heard many people speak of it so we needed to see what it was about. We left confused. It was an interesting place!!! 

We had a great time and we look forward to more adventures soon! Hopefully we get to go back to Clemson one day, too! 

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