Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 30}

We started week 30 with a sweet brother "sleepover" :) 

I tried to give Maddox some snuggles but he was not interested. Oh well! 

We played a little dress up. Astronauts...

Storm Trooper....

Monday morning Mason went to speech and then to his first day of Ocean Camp and while he was gone, our neighbor brought over these. I mean, is there a better way to start a Monday?!?

Maddox and I were buds in the mornings because Mason was gone to camp. 
Monday we hit up the grocery store. :) 

Tuesday was a good day and when I headed to work, Matt and the boys had a cookie and milk snacks. Everyone was happy about that! 

We made it to Wednesday! Maddox was NOT interested in pictures with me but I still tried! 

They're blurry but hey! He's smiling! 

Pure silliness! 

I tried to catch Mason at camp and the pictures weren't great but he was enjoying it so much that I've want to share for memory's sake. 

Wednesday's afternoon nap brought EPIC bedhead! 

Thursday morning, Mason told me "Mom, I'm making a booby trap!" 

While we waited to pick up Mason from his last day, Maddox and I enjoyed another grocery store stop. 

The wind was blowing his hair like crazy. I loved holding his hand and watching him walk like such a big boy. 

Smiling after a fun week at camp. He wanted to take his picture by the umbrellas and the cat. :) 

Maddox interruption! 

Thursday night pizza day with Daddy! 

Mason took his picture like this because "this will make Momma laugh"! 

Sleepy heads...

Love seeing these boys together. 

Peeked in on him using his BIG imagination! 

Saturday morning, Matt tried to give Maddox a few yogurt bites but Maddox just grabbed the whole bowl. 😂

Daddy took the boys for a walk. Maddox is fussing because Mason was annoying him. #Brothers

On the way home from the walk, Mason asked to stop in our neighbor's yard to pick up sticks. I love his heart for serving.

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