Monday, August 21, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 33}

Well sometimes we head into church and the picture we try to take turns out GREAT! and other times? Well, this happens #WeTried 

A friend picked up a backpack for us at Pottery Barn Outlet for Maddox to use for church. He's soooo cute with it! 


Handsome boy LOVES when the church changes their cool picture set-ups. He always need to try it out. :) 

Sunday afternoon we headed to the pet store. Mason has been asking to go often since it's right by the grocery store. We made it happen. This picture is awful but the guys were looking at the adoptive kitties. 

That evening I snuck out for this. I needed it and it was GOOD! 

Monday morning I tried to take a few pictures with Mason. Obviously he was THRILLED! 

These boys are just something. Every day is a whole new adventure. This day? Making music on the walls. I mean, whatever!? 

We met our sweet friends to play at the park. The boys had the best time! It was 1 billion degrees in the shade BUT it was worth it! 

The boys were fascinated by baby Q. 


Sharing water...

By the looks of it, she loved them, too! 

Mr. Serious! 

We are into our preschool "schedule" now and I'm incorporating more music into our mornings. Well, let me rephrase. We have music often but now I'm adding in playing for instruments while we listen and sing. :) 


More picture attempts. Pure Cheese! 

Who knew a jar was so exciting?!? 

Check out THAT bedhead!! 

Wednesday morning I woke up feeling sick. It must have been a fever virus because I was down for most of the day. Thankfully, Matt came home and took care of the boys so I could rest. 

Sweet guys. 

Love that sweet sleeping boy. 

"How do I get out of here?!" 

Always impressed by story time. 

Matt also taught a few home skills. :) 

Thursday morning I was rested and feeling much better! I started the morning making pancakes for my boys. :) 

Always trying to do everything brother does. :) 

Soooo sweet! 

"Dad, I'm cold!" Yeah, I don't get it either. 

More music time...time for Momma to sing. 

Eating, er, identifying animals. 

What sound does a raccoon make? Hmmm, I'm not sure. Let's YouTube it! 

Sometimes, George just needs to come to school, too! 

We headed to the park Friday afternoon and on our way we stopped for treats at Cakehead. We actually got lucky because the machine was down and our treats were free! 

Sweating at the park...holy moly. 

Picnic at the park with treats and then we came home. The boys helped Matt with yard work. :) 


Saturday was a good day! 

The boys all got haircuts and after nap we ran for some errands. 

all done! 

Academy for a bike helmet for Mason was our first stop. He has outgrown his last one and PawPaw told us to buy him one for an early birthday present. This is the one he chose!

The boys tried on a few more, too. 

We also ran to Target for a couple of things and then to the grocery store. On the way home, these sweet guys were holding hands and giggling non stop! 

Miss Kris sent Mason these pictures from her DC trip. He was sooo happy! 

We ended the week with snuggles and a build-a-salad date for Matt and myself! 

These next couple of weeks are full of fun for us! We are taking an overnight trip for an early birthday adventure for my birthday and then we have family coming into town, too. 

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