Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Laughing to myself right now because this post is literally called "Solar Eclipse 2017" only because that was the day all of this stuff happened! I didn't get all into the eclipse but we did a few fun things that day that I wanted to share. :) 
A few funnies to start with...


That day started with Mason and Matt at speech and Maddox was doing some light reading. :) 

Then we wanted to play some instruments...oh wait! No he didn't. He just wanted to get into the bucket. :) 

I laid Maddox down for nap and then Matt and Mason got home. They pulled out some super glue to fix something. Mason LOVES fixing things with Matt. 

Matt headed to work and Mason and I did some school work. We acknowledged the solar eclipse with a Krispy Kreme coloring sheet. 

And we practiced writing our names, too. ;-)

I love teaching him and learning from him! 

Sweet brothers. 

Music time! Drumming together. 

Matt enjoyed the solar eclipse at work and used a friends glasses for a few minutes. 

I put the boys down for nap and watched the sky darken. That was pretty neat. 

Streetlights came on...

So cool. 

And then right back to normal. :) 

It was a doggone hot afternoon but as Mason likes to say, "It's a nice day outside. Let's go outside." 


So much love right here. 

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed all of the pictures friends and family posted. 

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