Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mason: {An Update}

It's time for another Mason update! I try to do them every 3 months and this is that time. It also means that my boy will be FOUR in less than 3 months now!

I feel like Mason has grown so much in the last few months. Here's what going on!

--Mason participated in a summer camp a couple of weeks ago and he had a blast. He made new friends, had fun and just enjoyed playing. 

--He LOVES reading! He will sit and read with me or Matt for nearly an hour if we can. He also enjoys Wednesday afternoon story time so much. 

--He is a jokester. He LOVES laughing and making others laugh. He gets the cutest little smirk on his face when he is teasing, too. 

--He LOVES to be outside playing. Especially with his Daddy. He's definitely a Daddy's boy. 

Mason loves church so much. He loves his small group, his large group and all of the songs he gets to sing. He loves to talk about Jesus and learn more from his devotionals at home. 

--He is still an excellent sleeper. 12ish hours at night and an afternoon nap 5-7 days a week. 

--I'm fairly certain he's going through a growth spurt because he is eating like a full grown man. 

--Mason loves his brother so much but sometimes, too much! 

--He's getting better and better at playing with others. He enjoys playing tag and hide and seek with new friends at the park. 

--He is NOT into taking pictures right now. He would rather have his hair pulled out, I think!! 

--He's demonstrating more and more courage lately in new situations. When we were on the farm, he was bravely facing new challenges and I am so proud of him for that. 

--He's doing so well in our homeschool preschool activities at home. He's learning to write letters and numbers which has been the toughest stuff so far. 

--He's enjoying coloring more and getting better at coloring in the lines. 

--His speech is really improving. He's working mostly on /k/ and /g/ and he's beginning to say them correctly spontaneously. HUGE win! 

--He's also learning so much about being kind, respectful and loving to others. We are learning about sin and what God wants us to go and not do. Such sweet times and hard, too. 

--He loves adventures! He is always excited to do something new and "go someplace I never been before." 

--Mason is SO excited about turning 4 and he's going to get a trip to the beach in his honor that weekend! 

--He's just such a joy to us. Days are exhausting as we teach and learn but we love him endlessly. 

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