Friday, August 25, 2017

When The Day Turns Around

A little back story first...When Matt and I married, we chose Fiestaware as our dishware. We didn't really care about fine china so we chose this as everyday dishware. WE LOVE IT! It's durable, colorful and just awesome. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to Matt and Mason that I would love to have a purple bowl one day. We have a variety of colors but purple isn't one of them. 

Now, flashback to this week. Mason and I had butted heads big time. It was such a weird day and I was exhausted from it. We were getting ready to head to the park and Matt said, "Why don't you stay home and I'll take the boys somewhere." YEP! 

He texted me after they left and said they were going to the mall instead. They played and they came home. 
Mason walked up the steps with the BIGGEST smile on his face. "We got you a dirfday present!!" 

Well, in they come with a Dillard's bag. I open it up, clueless and just start bawling. Yep, a purple Fiestaware bowl. 

Mason said, "Happy Dirfday, Momma. I love you!" 


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