Sunday, August 6, 2017

I'll Push You by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck {A Book Review}

Oh man, I'll Push You: A Journey of 500 miles, Two Best Friends, and one Wheelchair by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck is up there as one of the top books I've read this year. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I LOVED IT! 

Patrick and Justin take turns sharing their story in this incredible book. Patrick and Justin were born mere days apart and grew up as life long friends. At some point in young adulthood, Justin began experiencing some physical difficulties that was at one point misdiagnoses as ALS. He later learns it is similar but called MAMA. Their families stuck close through diagnosis and as the disease progressed. Eventually one of the families moves to be closer to the other. 

Justin is inspired one day by watching people traverse Camino de Santiago and doesn't really understand it but he feels like he is supposed to complete this adventure. He tells Patrick without even batting an eye says, "I'll Push You." 

They train together, work hard and set off to complete this mission. The majority of the story follows them along their journey. It is full of faith, miracles, support from strangers along the way. It is a beautiful story of friendship, hardworking and God's goodness. 

I think everyone who needs a little extra hope in humanity and the beauty of friendship will love this story. Plus, it just makes you feel good! 

**Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.**

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