Monday, January 20, 2014

A Dose of Humility...with Love

It's about to get real around here!

Last week, I had this thought "Hmm, I feel like we are really getting into a routine and I'm getting better at this 'Mom to a baby' thing."

Here's what happened shortly after.

Mason who has been sleeping for 9 hours consistently for almost two weeks, woke up way before that and was a bit of a basket case.

Mason who has tended to be a calm and happy baby burst into tears/fussed when one of Matt's co-workers tried to hold him.

I came home to pump before going to small group which takes place right during Mason's feeding time. I proceeded to pump, leave the milk on the counter and then go to small group without any milk for Mason!!!

Later on that day, I pumped and then proceeded to spill that milk onto the counter.


Let me tell you, that was a day for the record books. But in that I was reminded that the Lord is gentle with us. He wants me to feel like I am a good Mom but he also wants to remind me that it's OKAY if a day doesn't go exactly as planned.

Later on that day, I looked back on the day and tried to find the silver lining in those situations. Mason woke up early but Matt and I were able to soothe him easily and he went back to sleep quickly. When Matt's co-worker tried to hold him, we were able to calm him and he was fine quickly. I was able to leave small group, go home and get Mason's milk and make it back to small group before discussion started. When I spilled the milk, I had already poured part of it into another bottle so I didn't lose all of it.

Thank you, Lord for helping me to see the good in all things lately.


  1. I had a meltdown over spilling Owen's milk! You work hard for that! :)

    1. I know it has probably happened to nearly all "pumping" moms but I was sooo sad!! Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. So true - just when you think you have this mom thing down pat you have a day like that! Glad you were able to pick out the silver linings and look to the Lord through a bad day! I need to do better at that myself. :-)

  3. Great post! I need to remind myself to look for silver linings the next time I have a "mommy meltdown."