Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Petunia Pickle Bottom {Review}

For years and years, I have seen the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags. I always thought they were so awesome and well made. So, when we announced that we were pregnant, the first thing Mom offered to buy me was the diaper bag! I knew immediately what brand I wanted. 

Since we didn't find out the gender beforehand, I wanted to get something that was mostly neutral and something I would want to carry daily since it would replace my purse for most purposes. 

This bag is just what I hoped it would be. 

The print is beautiful and the outside of the bag is easily wipeable. 

The side pockets are large and I can easily put my water bottle in one and the other side holds a bottle of hand sanitizer. 

The front flap also has a small changing pad which comes in handy in places that don't have changing tables in the bathrooms. The front flap also contains diapers and another pocket which is holding our pacifiers. I was able to fit 5 disposable diapers in the pocket. 

In the inside, there are two larger pockets on one side, two smaller pockets on each end and of course, a large inside pocket. I currently have my wallet, small wipes container, gas drops, a bottle of formula, and two gallon ziploc bags holding clothes, burp cloths, etc. 

For us, it is the perfect size! I would recommend this bag to anyone! 

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