Monday, March 30, 2015

Matt's Birthday {29}

Matt celebrated the big "29" last week and we had a fun time together. 
On the day before his birthday, Matt went running with Mason and then we went to lunch. We chose CiCi's pizza and it was so yummy. Matt treated Mason to a fun toy, too.

We decided to pick up our onions to plant and we got them all in the ground before naptime. We all took a lovely nap and Mason played a little bit before we headed to meet Jenn. 

Jenn, Jason, and Skylar had Mason spend the night with them and Matt and I had a GREAT date! 

Since we were out, we went to have dessert first. We stopped by Longhorn and got the Chocolate Stampede and it was AWESOME! We actually didn't even finish it. 

We came home and watched a new show Matt had been wanting to watch, Allegiance. He loved it and I just "liked" it but of course, I watched willingly for the birthday guy! Since the dessert was so much, we actually waited several hours to cook dinner. 

Meanwhile, we spent time taking way too many goofy pictures! 

Eventually, we made dinner which consisted of BBQ shrimp, roasted garlic and caramelized onion mashed potatoes, asparagus and french bread. We had also picked up drinks from QT earlier in the day so we drank those, too. 

Jenn sent us some pictures of our sweet boy playing, eating, and then sleeping! 

We enjoyed a relaxing evening and slept in a bit the next morning. Matt was scheduled for a haircut so we went together and then headed to breakfast at The Farmer's Table. 
Matt got Irish Eggs Benedict and he said it was awesome! 

I got Redneck Pancakes which is two large buttermilk pancakes stuffed with bacon and eggs. I'd had them once before and they were awesome. We were both stuffed and neither of us finished our home fries so we brought them home to brighten up another meal! :)

We met Jenn at the park and played for a while before taking our sweet boy home. The weather was warm and sunny so we all went out for water table fun! 

Mason and I gave Matt a new pair of shoes for his birthday. Mason was the deliverer. :)

Mason and Matt napped while I did some reading. After nap, I enjoyed some snuggles with my sweet little fella. 

After nap, we enjoyed some more time outside before dinner and then bath for Mason. He LOVED the bath and was ready to get out. I drained the water and then we pulled out all of the toys and kept on playing...silly boy! While Mason bathed, Matt played with a new guitar plug he got for his birthday. He was quite excited about that! 

Mason snuggled with me some and then Matt joined in for family snuggles before bed. 

Matt said he had a good day and it concluded with a back rub so he was a happy happy guy! 

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  1. Why do I not live in a place that has a chocolate stampede? OH MY WORD!!!!!!

    All that food looks so good and makes me wish I had more than the yogurt and granola I just had. LOL!!!