Friday, May 5, 2017

Maddox {Month 11}

One more month until 1! Gah, this little guy is moving at a rapid pace. This was a BIG month for him!!

We have a one year check up on 6/12 so we will get all of those details then but he's outgrown some of his 18 month onesie outfits so I'd say he's growing lengthwise for sure! 

Again, not sure but he's certainly growing. :)

Head Size: 
same as above

Brother, Bud, Bud Bud, Love Bug, Brother Brother, Little Bit, Smiley, The Professor, Mr. Serious, Bit Bit, Mad, Mad Mad

So many changes in this category this month. He dropped from four bottles to two bottles, one in the morning and one at night. We started on the 1st adding in some regular milk with it as well. Sometimes he isn't even finishing the 2 bottles we are giving so he's definitely just read to transition now. 

Maddox has become a little bit pickier in the solid food department. He will still eat most anything but if you have a sweet and a savory, he will pick the sweet so we have to make sure to give the savory first and then the sweet. By sweet, I mean fruit. :) He loves yogurt, all fruits, beans, peas and WATER!!

All is good on the sleep front. Maddox is napping 9-11 and 1-3 each day and sleeping 7/7:30ish to 7:00 each night. Sometimes he will nap a bit longer but it's not frequent and we are on a pretty good schedule.

We are doing well with size 5 Target brand diapers still and his bottom seems to be less and less sensitive so I may branch out and try Aldi diapers again and even some different wipes in the coming months. 

Most of Maddox's clothes are 18 month to 24 month. We have a few pair of shorts that are 12 months and fit, too. He's even outgrowing some of the 18 month stuff.

Very interested in everyone around him
a little bit of stranger danger continues this month
pretty serious until you get him to the point of laughter and then it's LOTS of laughter
talking more with plenty of babble

New/fun things from this month: 
He started taking a few steps here and there shortly after mid month and now he's just full speed ahead!
More teeth coming in; up to number 7 with the appearance of number 8th just right under the gum.
Doing some clapping, too. 

What he's saying: 
Momma, once or twice
something that might be "more"
ball, a couple of times

--bath time!!
--being around other kids especially Mom, Dad and Mason
--riding in the stroller
--storytime at the library on Wednesday
--anything sweet to eat
--swinging in his hand-me-down swing
--being outside

--his car seat, sometimes
--being hungry and us making him wait to eat
--when brother gets in his space

Momma and Daddy:
Little bit clingy this month at certain times of the day. He enjoys being held much more than Mason ever did. He's not a snuggler really, just a little holding. He loves to be pushed in the stroller by us, too.

Mason and Maddox are playing excellently together. They certainly have their moments as I'm sure they will for the rest of their lives but they are so sweet together. Sharing a room is still great, too. 

Comparison Pictures:

One Month:

Two Months: 

Three Months: 

Four Months:
Five Months:  

Six Months: 

Seven Months: 

Eight Months: 

Nine Months: 

Ten Months: 

11 Months: 

Brother Comparison Pictures 
Month 11



A few steps on video...

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