Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 1

Oh man, we left for our trip 18 days ago and returned over a week ago and here I am just starting to recap it. It was SUCH a fun time and it took me almost a week to recover and actually feel like blogging about it. :) 

We headed out the afternoon of the 12th and headed to Nashville for the night. 

Our original plan was to stay with Matt's brother and his wife but due to sickness for them, plans changed. We ended up staying with Matt's sister and her family! 

We passed through North Carolina on our way. 

And then on into Tennessee. :) 

Naps for both boys. Praise The Lord! 

We stopped for snacks and Mason got powdered sugar donuts. :) 

When we were about an hour from Nashville, it started to pour down rain and the boys were cranky so I rigged up a Netflix plan for Mason. :) 

Shenanigans! He was upset about something so he made himself laugh. Love that kid! 

When we got into town, we stopped at Kroger for some sub sandwiches. We didn't expect to get there as early as we did so we didn't want to spring us needing dinner on Holly last minute. Later on in the trip, we wished we had skipped Kroger....

We all ate and then the kids all played for a while before pjs, books and bed. Such a fun quick visit. We hope to go back in the fall for a longer visit with everyone! 

We attempted a selfie before bed....oh boy...

Love this so much. 

Thanks, Holly and fam, for hosting us! :) 

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