Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Morgan Family Road Trip: Day 3, Part 1

Whoa, this day was packed with adventures and pictures so I decided to split it into two posts. :) 

I woke up to these two guys sleeping right next to me. 

The sun was coming through our window nice and pretty so it wasn't long before everyone was up and at 'em. 

Can you even?!? 

Matt and Mason headed to Red's Donuts for breakfast and Maddox and I enjoyed the sunrise from the balcony! 


The donut men, only one cared to smile! 


Special delivery!! Oh my word! 

Donuts were amazing and they riled Maddox up for some shenanigans! 


We headed out about 8 when Maddox was ready for his morning nap and we entered Illinois! 

While Maddox napped, Mason enjoyed a sucker. :) 

We decided to stop in Benton at this incredible park and man, we couldn't have made a better choice! 








A flower from my boy on Mother's Day. :) 

We headed to Casey's for a potty break, rest and lunch! It was yummy! 

That was the first of our day...I'll fill ya in on the next part later on. :) 

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