Thursday, January 31, 2019

Christmas Eve 2018

We don't really do Santa here so that means I can set out presents whenever so this was the tree on Christmas Eve. Presents for all four of us, GiGi, Grandmom and Granddad and our friend, Paul. 

We decided to have the boys open presents from GiGi on Christmas Eve and they were excited about that! 



First up was Minion hats! 

They also received some superhero capes and masks. Another favorite. 




GiGi and I were feeling VERY safe! 

Even superheroes like to open presents. :) 

They received some magnatile blocks and they love them! 

There were also a few board games given and we've played the heck out of those games!


Lots of hugs and kisses for GiGi. 

Later on that day, the boys and I brought presents to our neighbors. Mason was especially excited! 

They received some presents from the neighbors, too! 



Oh yeah! 

That evening, Paul came over for dinner. We had a fun bag of gifts for him and you know the boys didn't let him do it solo. 😂 They had picked all of the presents out so they were super excited for him to open them! He was very gracious and accepted all offered help. 

We had a yummy dinner and dessert and even had some play time, too! 

We played some board games.  Maddox schooled GiGi in the fish game. 

While these guys played Race to the Treasure. 

By the end of the night, two boys were half naked. 🙈

It was a very Merry Christmas Eve! 

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