Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekend with PopPop and Grammy {December 2018}

Well, I haven't even considered blogging in over a month! Oops! We've been busy making memories and fighting colds at some point, too. It's time to catch up! 

This weekend that I'm blogging about happened over a month ago so I guess it's a good time to write about it. 😂
Here we are on the road! These two were good road trip partners! 

We stopped by Home Depot to say bye to Daddy! 

My riding partners were very good despite the most ridiculous traffic! 

We made a stop at IKEA to browse and have lunch

One napped and one pretended to nap. That was great until the dead stop traffic. 

We arrived late afternoon and they were anxious to get to the trains ASAP!


The weekend was a lot of fun but the trains were definitely the highlight for the boys! 



We exchanged presents with PopPop and Grammy and the boys were anxious to give their gifts! And of course to get their own. :) 


PopPop and Grammy treated us to dinner and then we relaxed. To the fullest. 

The next morning, all of the toys came out FAST! 

And more train time. Duh. 


We played for most of the morning and then we made a little bird feeder craft with Grammy. It was messy but fun! 

It was chilly but we took some time outside and some walking around the block. 


Meanwhile, Matt was at HAMILTON!!! 

More playing...finding toys you've never played with is always fun! 


This train set up is amazing! 


Saturday evening, we went around town to look at Christmas lights. Mason took this tiger flashlight that was at Grammy and PopPop's and used it to take pictures. ❤️

We saw a ton of beautiful lights in some unexpected places! 



We were all worn out after such a long day! 

Sunday morning came early and quickly! One last breakfast then church! 

Mason shared (umprompted) some of his muffin. I cried. 

Cuties dressed for church. 

Fun with PopPop and Grammy. 


After church, we had a quick brunch/lunch before we hit the road. Thanks for a fun weekend PopPop and Grammy. 

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  1. What fun!! I would have signed up for that road trip! IKEA? Trains? Lights? Yes please!