Thursday, January 24, 2019

Louisiana Visit {December 2018} {Part 2}

Continuing the Louisiana visit...We went to visit a friend of PawPaw's who had been sick. She lives on the water and has a big ole kumquat tree. We picked and picked and picked and they ate so many, too. :) 


The property was beautiful and the boys had a blast running around. 

That obviously meant we needed to rest later. :) 

Mason then took a tractor ride with PawPaw to pick up some wood for a fire later. 

Maddox didn't want to go so we just hung out. :) 

We used that wood to make a fire in the kettle of the grill and we roasted marshmallows for s'mores. I may or may not have regretted that later. 😂



After pjs, the boys stayed warm by the fire for a bit. 

That night, PawPaw spoiled me with a steak and potatoes dinner. Sooo good! 

Meanwhile, snuggles. :) 

Then, I kept the calories rolling with a frozen hot chocolate and a cake ball. 

The next morning...more snuggles and tv. It was a trend. 😉

Later that morning, Dad had to go to work for a bit so the boys and I went to the local discovery center to play for a bit. They LOVED it! I took very few pictures but we had a blast. 



Mason even required a nap after. 😉

More PawPaw snuggles. These boys LOVE sitting with PawPaw. 

That night we had an early Christmas dinner. This food was incredible! The best meal while the boys and I were there. I was so full. And there was so much food that I ate this pretty much every meal until we left. 

PawPaw's friend, Miss Eva, made most of the food and after dinner she gave the boys a card with money. They were pretty happy! 



Remnants of chocolate and strawberry intake! 


Best ending to a day, I'd say!!! 

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