Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Louisiana Trip {December 2018} {Part 4}

When we left PawPaw's house we headed to Uncle Jay's and DeeDee's house for the afternoon/night. 
Uncle Jay's lap and chair are comfy. :) 

That afternoon we had delicious dinner. Turkey, ham, dressing, green beans, rolls and dessert. YUM! 

Someone stole my tea. 

The boys and I gave presents to Rarry, Uncle Jay and DeeDee after we ate. The boys were excited. 

Then they got some presents of their own. You know they were thrilled about that. Some money, glow sticks, bath soaps/paints and some other trinkets. 



Family. ❤️❤️❤️

This guy was so cute waiting for dessert. 

He was also sneakily stealing peppermints for the road trip back. It was the funniest thing. He was trying to hide from DeeDee while passing them to GiGi to stuff in her purse. 

Goofing off with Uncle Jay. 

This dog did not want me close to my momma. 

One last pack and play sleep before heading back home. 

This guy was my bed partner and surprisingly, he was pretty chill. 

We were up and on the road EARLY! We got to see the sun rise somewhere in Mississippi. 

These two even went back to sleep. 

Then they woke up hungry. :) 

This is how you solve the sun-in-the-eyes issues. :) 

 or this works, too. 

 Nap/rest time. ❤️

Shenanigans when we were almost home!!! 

12 hours later, we made it home to Matt! It was a good trip! 

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