Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Louisiana Visit {December 2018} {Part 1}

Again, y'all. This was over a month ago. I'm documenting for memory sake. :) 

These two were troopers on the way from Montgomery to my Dad's house. 

Coolest kids ever. 

When we got to PawPaw's they were ready to give out presents. For PawPaw and Aunt Brandy! 


Then they got a few presents, too! ;) 



By the time evening came, the boys were ready to EAT! 

I got to eat this delicious pizza that a friend of my Dad made. It was sooo good! 

We also got to go look at some lights with PawPaw. Some super pretty ones! 

The next day came with a slow start and some chill time with PawPaw. 

And some loving for each other. Which obviously ended badly. 


We got some good play time in with our new toys, too! 

Then GiGi came to see us! 

GiGi treated us to lunch as well as some new sunglasses for the boys. 

We spent some time at the park that afternoon and they had some of the coolest trees decorated by local classrooms. 



We also had to make a stop by Academy to get some tennis balls for Spike, PawPaw's dog. 

It was time to play with Spike. Trust, he had destroyed all of the balls before we left that week. 




This isn't a good picture but I wanted to remember Mason and PawPaw cheering on the Saints that night! :) Well, Mason ended up cheering from the Panthers instead. :) 

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