Wednesday, January 30, 2019

December 22nd and 23rd, 2018

Once we got home, we found lots of Christmas cards and even some Christmas presents awaiting two sweet boys under the tree. Some from Aunt Anne and Uncle Ben and some from Matt's co-worker. 

Maddox opened his first card to find money. A later card didn't have money and he shook it out and said, "No Money!". 😂

We received some great presents from Uncle Ben and Aunt Anne including a super fun game called Silly Street! 




After a good night of rest, we were up and beautified early Sunday morning for a trip to Greenville and brunch at Soby's! 

We attempted a nice picture but there was WAY too much going on for that to happen! 

A silly one will do. :) 

The set-up for brunch was incredible. It included an ice cream sundae bar. 

This guy was pretty excited about homemade whipped cream! 

And this one, too! 


Santa was there! 

That evening we headed to church. It was an emotional service for Matt and myself! GiGi was there, too, but she somehow missed the pictures! 

Our Friend, Paul, joined us and the boys hadn't seen him in a while. They ran right to him! 

The evening ended with wrestling as any good evening usually does for these guys. 


We were going to sleep ready for Christmas Eve! 

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