Friday, September 6, 2019

Greenville Drive Summer Reading Game!

This year one of the rewards for summer reading program completion was a voucher to a Greenville Drive baseball game. Each of the boys got one, and between Matt and I we got one. A friend had one they couldn't use so we all got to go to the game for $8! 

We were excited! and a little nervous because it was the middle of August and going to be HOT! 

Each of the boys got a shirt. Maddox refused to wear his. 🙄

Ready to go! and  sweating bullets! 

Searching for a little shade. 

Before the game, there was a parade and everyone was able to walk around the entire field. It was a neat celebration! 

Once we got seated in our spot, we were all dripping in sweat and consumed about a gallon of water each. 😂 About the time the game started, the breeze was blowing and it made it much more enjoyable! 🙌🏻

Maddox got a little cranky but a frozen lemonade cheered him right up! 

We rode the trolley back to the car after the 7th inning and the boys may have enjoyed that they most! 

I had some birthday coupons for a couple of Greenville restaurants so we all headed to eat a cheap dinner and it was a good end to the day. 
Grimaldi's was the first stop. 


Then Red Robin. Between the free pizza and burger/fries, we were stuffed! 

 I hope the library will do this program again because it was definitely a great reward! 

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