Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wally's Misadventure {A Children's book review}

Wally's Misadventure is a super cute book that had the boys and I laughing most of the time. The cover art drew us right in. I mean, what kid doesn't love a book with an animal as the main character? 

Wally had been very busy with chores and lessons and was anxious to see his friends and go on an adventure. One day he finished his to-do list early and headed out with a warning from his Dad to remember the rules. 

Wally tries to get his friends to join him and everyone is busy. As the day wears on, he finds himself in some interesting situations and needs a bit of help. 

It was fun at the end to see what happened and to help my boys learn a lesson from what Wally chose to do. 

This is a fun read and have some definite teachable moments. 

I'm glad we got the chance to read and review it. 

**Thank you to the publisher for sending us an e-book copy to read.**

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