Monday, September 9, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 35}

The beginning of this week brought new glasses for Maddox! Isn't he so handsome!?!? 


Sweet boys. Maddox can see these pictures better now and Mason can read those words to him! 

Photo silliness is Mason's love language. 😉

This reading nook has been a great idea. Both boys love it. 

Matt found a recipe for tortilla French toast and all three guys enjoyed it. 

Meanwhile, I was sent to Moe's to use a birthday burrito coupon. 🎉

4 Morgans looking sharp! 

Rocking his school work! 


Rail trail walk and play made for a fun Saturday morning. 

That night, we had a BOGO blizzard coupon for DQ. Well, they made the wrong one for one of them so we ended up getting 3 for the price of one. We didn't finish it all that day, no worries. 😂

First spelling assessment. He rocked it! 

Oh my heart. 

Mason then attempted. 😂

We got to spend some time with Grandmom and Granddad and it was such a good visit! 

Granddad lit the fire pit so they could roast marshmallows. We've only been discussing doing it for about a year! 



After a late night of marshmallow roasting, everyone was worn out the next day. 

On Labor Day afternoon, I had to work so Matt took the boys for one last splash pad hurrah. 

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