Thursday, September 5, 2019

Maddox Says & Does {20}

Maddox told Emily "I'm proud of you."

Maddox told me that one day he and Mason will watch me have an alligator ride. 🤷‍♀️

Maddox called Donkey Kong "the bo-rilla".

We went to McDonald's while at my Dad's house and when we got home, we realized there was only one toy. Maddox didn't want to go back so he says "We can share mine." ❤️

"Kern" for corn, "merning" for morning.

He also started telling me something one day and said, "I told myself..."

My mom told Maddox, "You are so smart, Maddox." and he said, "Yes! I am!" 😂

Maddox has started calling Emily "Em".

When at Chick-Fil-A, Maddox was using his heat seeking goggles to find Mrs. Kali. #PawPatrol

What makes you toot, Maddox? "Ummm, God."

Matt, his parents and the boys went out for Mexican food one night. Matt asked the boys if they wanted tacos. They both said yes. Maddox said "with cheese." Before he ordered, Matt asked if he wanted beef or chicken and Maddox said, "No just cheeeeeese." So he got a quesadilla and they called it a taco. #ParentLife

Our journal asked, "What a noise you don't like?" Maddox responded "Storm troopers shooting people." Well, okay then.

He ran into the room one morning. "MOOOOMMMM there's a bad guy in our room! It's TERRIBLE!" Thankfully, it was pretend. 😉

Mason was playing music. Maddox stops and sweetly says, "Great song, Mason. Great song!"

We went to Target one day recently and when I went to put my phone in my purse pocket it was full of Paw Patrol figures. I asked Maddox why. "They were just going to sleep, Mom." 😂

We tried to look at the fish one morning at Wal-Mart and all of the tanks were empty and cleaned out. Maddox said "Oh no! Who took them!?!"

The Q&A journal asked "If you could only have one thing in your room, what would it be?" Without hesitation, Maddox said "My bed!" #duh

When I saw the above spot on Maddox's leg, I asked if something had bitten him. As calmly as he could, he says "Noooo, it must have come from an alligator." 😂

At lunch one day: "Mason, when I was a little boy, I couldn't eat these chicken nuggets because I was on Whole30." 🤣

A radio guy said that Twitter was down for an hour the day before. Mason said that didn't matter because we didn't use Twitter. I told him that Matt did some and Maddox said, "Well, I use it A LOT!" 

"My bottom keeps going in a toot. Can you stop it?" 

"see my super pee!?!" 

^^"This is when I was a big brother and Daddy was...a different daddy." 😂

Question was asked in their church class what pet they would have if they could have any. Maddox told us, "I want a T-rex without sharp teeth. Flat teeth like ours." 

One day Maddox told us his heart was broken. Why? Because he couldn't figure out which book to read. 😑

I went in to get Maddox from nap and the door opened kind of hard and he said it scared him. I told him I didn't mean to scare him. He said, "Just give me one little kiss and I'll be fine." ❤️

"Frogs rhyme with logs!"

I told the boys that the Dollar Tree was jumping when we pulled up. Maddox said, "It's NOT a bunny, mom!"

Both boys were playing hospital and they had a good amount of patients. All of the patients just suddenly fell and busted their heads open.

I asked Maddox to go check to see if his shoes were in the shoe basket. "Of course they are! Riiiiiiight Here!" 😂

Maddox was singing on a stool and he stopped and just dropped the mic.

Matt was in the kitchen and he overhead Maddox say, "Was that her she-shed!?!" 😂

The daily journal we do with the boys asked this question: What is something you wish you could get rid of forever? Maddox: my big brother's t-ball trophy?" 😂

Another journal questions: Would you rather be a scientist or an artist? Maddox: a race car driver, a tree and a fireman. I asked again and he got so annoyed. 😂

I don't remember what we were making but when we finished, Maddox said, "It's perfect! It's beautiful!"

Mason was frustrating me big time one day. He walked away and I softly said, "Wooo" and exhaled. Maddox said "God Help Mom" 😂

Maddox asked me to swing him in the "baby" swing after he was in the big swing. I told him I wasn't going to because he's big now.
His response: "well, a couple of times that I have come with Daddy, he pushed me in them."
I asked him "Are you guilt tripping me?"
Maddox: "yep"

Bessert for dessert

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