Thursday, March 16, 2017

GiGi's Birthday!

If you don't know already, we LOVE birthdays around here so to get to celebrate the birthday of our GiGi with her here in South Carolina was super fun! Mason had been looking forward to it for week! 
We woke up and immediately sang "Happy Birthday!" to her! 
After breakfast, we sent her in the boys' room to play with Maddox while we decorated the house and decorated Mason. :) 

She loved the decorations and then I sent her to the bathroom to take a steaming hot bath with a birthday cake bath bomb! 

She also got the privilege of reading to Mason for a LONG time! I left the house and went to get some birthday desserts for later on. 

Then we spent some time outside. Maddox almost fell asleep in his GiGi's arms. What a good birthday present! 

After afternoon rest, we all went to Wade's for an early birthday dinner. It was delicious as always! 

When we got home, we sang Happy Birthday again and ate yummy desserts! Pictures are sideways but whatever! I really wanted to turn them around but just isn't happening. 

Cookies, cupcakes and cheesecake. YUM! 


GiGi loved our singing! 



After the boys went to bed, Mom and I used one of her birthday presents. Facial masks for us to do together. This thing was TERRIBLE! It was so wet, didn't stick and basically melted off of our faces. We had a ton of laughs from it and that's all that mattered to us! 


It was a GREAT day and we are SO glad we got to spend it with GiGi! 

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