Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 10}

This past week has been a fun one! We've had GiGi in town since the 4th and tomorrow we all leave to head to Louisiana to take her home and then to visit with PawPaw and other family and friends. 

Last Sunday, we all headed to church but little bit continued to be a bit cranky so I stayed in the mother's room with him again. So love those snuggles. 

After church, we just enjoyed some time hanging out. It was a pretty low key afternoon. Mom, Maddox and I went to the mall to get the boys some sunglasses and Matt and Mason went to Hatcher Garden after Mason woke up from this GOOD nap! 

Mr. Adventure! 

That night, GiGi hung with the boys (well, they were in bed) and Matt and I went on a date! We went to Bronco's for Mexican food and it was delicious! We also had the best waiter we've ever had and he helped make the date even better! 

Monday morning, we enjoyed a couple of hours together before Matt headed to work and after he left, our neighbor knocked on our door with these! He said he purchased some for himself and knew that Mason would love some! YUM! 

I took Mason to the dentist which I'll share more about later. GiGi and Maddox obviously had fun without us! 

Monday evening we went to Dr. Seuss's birthday party at the library and the boys had a blast! 





Later that evening, we met Matt for dinner at Moe's and then mom and I picked up some movies. We watched Medea's halloween movie that night. 

Tuesday morning started with bath for little bit because why not? 

Mason had a haircut that day and I'll share more about that another day, too. 

It was National Cereal Day and National Pancake Day so for breakfast we had cereal and for dinner we had pancakes. :) We also watched The Secret Life of Pets that day. 

Loving those pancakes! 

After everyone was settled for the night, I headed out for MNO with some MOMS Club friends. It was a late night but it was fun! I had dessert while we visited and played trivia. 

Wednesday morning, Mason and GiGi did some school work together. :) 

It was such a beautiful day so we went for a little walk. 

The trash truck waved and honked to Mason while we were out and he was PUMPED! 


Time with GiGi is always fun! 


After nap, we headed to storytime at the library. It was outside, a change from the norm, and it was fun! 



Matt headed church and Mom, the boys and I headed to CiCi's for dinner. 
Maddox sucked on the fork for a long time. haha! 

Thursday was GiGi's birthday and I'm writing a separate post about that fun day. :)

Friday, we just hung at home for the morning, reading, playing, etc. I headed to work that afternoon and everyone else was at home. Matt and Mason hung outside for a bit but it got too cold and windy so that didn't last long.
Maddox watched from the door. :) 



Matt and I went on a date and once again, I'll share about that separately soon. :) While we were on a date, Mason and GiGi had a movie night and watched Trolls. 

We ended the week with a super good day!
GiGi helped Maddox with breakfast which meant he had yogurt everywhere as he tried to assist her! 

After Matt slept in a bit, Mom and I headed out for a bit of shopping at Walgreens using her points she'd saved and then consignment shopping!
She picked these out for Mason. :) 

We got some good things at consignment and then we all headed to Itty Bitty Ball for Mason. It wasn't his best day there but I think he still had a really good time. 

His biggest fans. :) 

While the boys rested, Mom and I went out for a bit. We came home and we all watched Trolls together upon Mason's request. It was such a cute movie!
Maddox didn't care for it. ;-) so he just crawled around and practiced his transitioning from place to place! 


Silliness abounds at our house! 

We ended the night with wings from TNT and watching Arrival! 

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