Sunday, March 26, 2017

Louisiana Trip: Day 3 {March 2017}

I'm cracking up because it seems I took LOTS of sleeping Maddox pictures on this trip. I'm not mad about it...

Friday was a BIG fun day! After Maddox's (shortened) morning nap, we headed to Global Wildlife Center for a fun morning! Matt took many pictures on his camera and I'll share those in a separate post later on today. :) 

We were all so excited and it did not disappoint! 


Mason insisted we hold hands saying, "We in dis together!" 

Sweet little bit! He was trying to get the camera. :) 

Mr. Bear joined us, too! 

Love this picture. Mason was enthralled the whole time. 

Llamas coming to eat! 

And buffaloes, too! 

So. Many. Zebras. 

It was about an hour or so ride with a few stops. Our last stop was the giraffes but they didn't come close enough for us to feed them. Oh well! 

I love us! 

And my favorite one. :) 

Matt and I tried to nap with Maddox and that was a flat out joke. 

Eventually, everyone got some rest. :) 

We headed to the park to play and then made a PJs stop and I got strawberry frozen lemonade. YUM! 


We finished the night with seafood dinner and baths. A just right day! 

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