Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mason Says & Does {16}

Mason now says "Why again?" if we answer one of his "whys" and he isn't satisfied. :) 

When it's time for a meal, we always ask Mason if he wants water or milk. He thinks it is HILARIOUS to say "water and milk" and laughs hysterically. 

Mason goes running by when Matt is changing Maddox and says "I have to potty!!!" comes out after with pants around his ankles and says "I pooped and wiped myself!" **cue fear from all parental parties!!**

"Mason, do you think we should have another baby one day?"
"Uh huh. Three more babies. 2 girl babies yike you and one boy baby."

I asked Mason to sit up in his chair and he said, "Ma, I sitting applesauce (criss cross applesauce). I asked him who taught him. He said, "My teacher!" Not just learning about Jesus at church but also about proper sitting. :) 

Mason now has some invisible puppy dogs and I was asked to watch them during nap time. :) 

I asked Mason what he needed from the grocery store: peanut butter and jelly, eggs, and Anna...haha! Guess he wanted to play with his bud. 

I was dancing in the kitchen one day and I said, "I'm crazy!" And Mason said "You not crazy. Dad's crazy!" haha!! 

Mason was asking me about his belly and why he has one. He wouldn't take my answer so I asked him, "Why do you have a belly?" 
 "Cause I a boy!" :) 

Matt and I were discussing something and one of us said, "I call dibs." and Mason said,  "No, I call dibs." and he continued to call "dibs" on his pretend phone...haha!

I was making breakfast and I asked Mason if he would like his usual yogurt, chocolate chips and honey and he said "just chocolate chips" and I asked again, "Okay, so no honey?" He said, "and no yogurt either, ma!" haha!! Sweet boy was conning me into a full bowl of just chocolate chips. :)

During our school this past week, Mason showed me that he knows 3/5 letters in his name. YAY!

I was talking to him and I said, "I'm coming to you little bit." and he said, "No ma. I not little bit. I big bit."

Mason was supposed to be brushing his teeth and he got distracted by something Maddox was doing in another room. He walked into the other room and then went back to the bathroom and couldn't find his toothbrush. We looked all over the bathroom and walked into the other room and Maddox was chewing on it! haha!

Mason and I have been watching the mama giraffe on youtube waiting for her to deliver the baby and Mason called her "Sophie" like our toy giraffe.

We heard the newest Justin Timberlake's song came on during a dance party and Mason said, "That's my jam!" !!!

Maddox has been very interested in the bathroom lately and he tried to go in one morning and Mason said, "No Ma-mix. Dis not for babies. It's for big guys and adults!" 

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