Monday, March 6, 2017

God Bless Our Baby by Hannah C. Hall {A Book Review}

Within the last year, we have read God Bless our Christmas and God Bless our Friends by Hannah C. Hall so it only seemed natural to read God Bless Our Baby. We added a new little one to our family nine months ago so we enjoy talking about new babies. 

Like the other books we have read from Hall, the pages are illustrated with animals and they are amazing! Each page has a different animal and Mason can name each one -- his favorite part. 

The story rhymes and that always keeps a child's attention. Each page shares a little tidbit about what life with a new baby is like and think that's huge in preparing older siblings for a new baby to enter the family. 

I also really like that one page shows bears of all kinds and says:

"Although we may not look the same, 
the love we share is strong!
From the start, God joined our hearts. 
Together, we belong."

I love that gives a nod to foster care/adoption. 

This is a great children's book and I plan to gift it for an upcoming baby shower. I think it will be a great addition to a family's book collection. 

**Thanks for this book, BookLook!!**

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