Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 11}

Whew! With our fun trip to Louisiana and recovering from it afterwards, I've got to catch up on everything. :) 

Here's what happened the week we left for Louisiana, Sunday-Tuesday. :) 

Sunday morning, it snowed!! It was just a little bit but it was fun because Mom got to see it and she never sees snow. Mason and Matt played for a few minutes in it, too. 

We also found where all of the balls were hiding. :) 

And Mason created a one-man band! One word: LOUD

Matt and Mason also put on costumes and went trick or treating. :) 

Matt and I got to take Mason on a special Mason date...toy store, library, Home Depot and CiCi's. I even happened to have a few quarters so Mason got to ride one of the toys. He was excited! With our $5 coupon, he got a cool magnifying glass! 

Meanwhile, Maddox found ALL of the Easter eggs. ;) 

Home Depot is ALWAYS fun! 

Monday morning brought a sleepy Maddox after the time change and we headed to the doctor for his 9 month well-check. 

Sweet chunky monkey! Everything checked out well. I'll post his 9 month update soon. :) 

Again, meanwhile at home. Costume and chill with GiGi. :) 

Trying to eat his bandaid from his finger prick. Yeah, that got trashed very quickly! 

Brother time is the best time. 


That night, Mom and I tried another facial mask and this one was MUCH better! 

Matt joined us. :) This was cool because it's made for men and is beard-safe! 

Blurry but maybe for the better :) 

Tuesday was speech and then packing for our trip on Wednesday. After Matt got off, we headed to Grandmom and Granddad's to say good-bye to their apartment. After two plus years of apartment living, they found the perfect house for them and moved while we were gone. Mason got to pack up the books and toys he's been reading and playing with for the last 2.5 years. That was pretty sweet and such a good idea that Grandmom had! 

And one last apartment selfie! 

After our visit, we headed to Sugar and Spice for burgers, fries and sweet tea. YUM! We ended the night by watching the movie, Greater, and it was GOOD! Louisiana adventure next!

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