Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 8}

Last Sunday we all headed to church. Mason made goofy faces, Maddox was teething and this was just before he spit up majorly when we were on our way to church....Easy like Sunday morning. ;-) 

Since Maddox was so cranky, I stayed in the Mother's room with him. He slept on my chest and I think we both needed that. :) 


Good words from the sermon on marriage. What the world says versus what the word says. 

I already posted about our fun trip to Croft State Park and that was the rest of our Sunday. 

Monday morning, we tried a new recipe for easy pancakes. Two eggs and one banana. They were yummy and really healthy. Mason approved! 

Matt got dressed for work and then decided to take a mental health day. We were ALL happy about that! 

I spent the remainder of that day cooking this incredible roast! 

We also did some yard clean up since it seems much like Spring around here. 

The day all together was just right. After we ate that delicious roast, I made banana "ice cream" for Mason and myself. It was declines, too! 

That evening, the boys headed to bed, I relaxed and Matt went to visit with Grandmom and Granddad. 

Tuesday was a fairly full day. It started with me blocking Maddox in to play while I got dressed. Mom win. :) 

At 10, we headed to join Anna for her gymnastics class. Mason was a little uncertain and didn't want to do some things but I think he had fun! 

Silly kids...both love pictures but getting a good one of the together is a total joke right now! 

From gym, we headed to school for Mason to have speech. I fed both boys in the car before we went in and thankfully while Mason was back with Miss Allie, Maddox slept some. Those cheeks!! 

I headed to work that evening and the guys had the house to themselves. :) 

After work, I headed to Ingles to shop specials and discovered they sell their donuts 3/99 cents after 6:00p.m. I loaded up for my guys and they were surely happy!! 

Wednesday morning started with a donut for Mason, duh. :) 

I gave Maddox a bath and then when he napped, I gave Mason one, too. 

It was time for me to shower so I turned a show on for Mason and put Maddox in the pack n play to play and they were both extra happy! 

Silly boy!! 

Wednesday afternoon we headed to story time and then Mexican for dinner as a family. Matt had been up since 4:00 so he didn't serve at church that night. 

In the middle of the night, Mason cried out and when I went to check on him, I found Maddox like this. haha! I slid him up before I went out of the room. 

Thursday, my big helper was in full effect! 

And Maddox was ready for wrestling...haha!! 

Mason and I worked shapes and other school tasks. And yes, his hair is in a ponytail for that because it's long and it was in his eyes...haha! Haircut next week!! 

I headed to work that afternoon and Matt and the boys ran to drop off Mason's form for Itty Bitty Ball and then to Home Depot. Mason owns the joint. ;-)

Evening nap ended and Maddox was NOT happy! 

Until Matt realized he needed to feed him some solids for dinner! :) 


Friday brought another bath day and Maddox was HAPPY!!

After bath, I dried Mason's hair and despite him not wanting to take a picture, I took one anyway. He has the BEST hair! 



I headed to work for my last evening of the week and Matt sent me this photo. Sweet sleeping baby boy! 

Mason was tired, too. He didn't want to get up so he rested on the couch a bit longer. 

Then George had a turn. 

Friday night, Matt and I caught up on shows and rejoiced that it was the weekend! 

Saturday brought yard work and Mason enjoyed the leaves one last time. 

That day at noon, we headed to the community center for Mason to participate in Bitty Ball. It was such a fun time! We are glad he gets to go for 6 weeks. 

Saturday night we had a family dinner out after grocery shopping and went to Monsoon Noodle House. The boys liked it and while my food was good, the smells in there make me queasy and my stomach didn't settle well afterward so I don't know if I'll go back there again. This was the second time that's happened to me in as many visits. 


Nonetheless, it was a good ending to the week all being together! 

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