Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Morgan's Movements {Week 12}

Phew! We are all finished recapping our Louisiana trip and I've thrown a few other posts in there, too. Now, let's see what last week held for us. :)

Sleepy head in bed with Momma for that morning bottle. I love him. 

"Look at my mustache!" haha! 

We caught these sunglasses in the parade in Louisiana and Mason wanted to wear them to speech last week. He said, "I wear dese, I yook yike Rarry!" :) 

Speech time for Mason meant eating time for Maddox. :) 

"Pouch, I love you!" 

Mr. Destruction! Who is also learning to stand by himself more and more! 

Man, the weather has been pretty beautiful and that means Mason needs to chase all. of. the. birds. 

His bird chasing "stick" 

Mason loves to give Maddox a "few" puffs. :) 

Wednesday was a chill day for us and the boys made lots of fun for themselves! 

Someone on a resale page was selling a Octonauts toy for super cheap and my mom bought it for Mason. He's been enjoying it so much! Thanks, GiGi! 

While we were just "doing" Wednesday, Matt was prepping for a pro event at work which always means picking up Krispy Kreme donuts. And they were hot! So this happened. :) 



I love that man!! 

That afternoon, he took Mason and Maddox to story time so I could catch up on things at home. I ended up feeling pretty poorly so it was a blessing for sure! 

After that he took them to McDonald's for dinner. 

Anna handed town a toy for "Baby Maddox" to borrow and he was a little uncertain and then he became a daredevil on it. 


Another morning...two boys in my bed after wake-up time! 

Thursday, we went to a playgroup at our church and the boys had a blast! 


The rest of Thursday was pretty chill and I went to work that evening and hit up a consignment sale after that. 

Friday morning both boys got a bath! Maddox LOVES bath! 

Mason had a great morning and it was the perfect time for a movie and popcorn! 

While I worked Friday evening, Matt took the boys on a hike, to CiCi's (yay for a free buffet for his birthday!), and then brought them home for continued fun. I love him! 

Saturday morning I made a big breakfast for early birthday for Matt. And the sibling shenanigans began early! :) 


Mason and I ran several errands and then got a smoothie before hitting up the grocery store. He was the BEST sidekick! I got him home for lunch and then he and Matt headed to bitty ball. 

Mason continues to be a little slow to warm up...haha! 

He warms up eventually and has a blast!

Maddox and I hung at home while they basketball-ed

Love this little bit. 

That's all of the week except for Saturday night which began Matt's birthday celebrations so I'll share that soon! 

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