Friday, March 31, 2017

Her Secret: The Amish Of Hart County by Shelley Shepard Gray {A Book Review}

Shelley Shepard Gray has done it again!! This is my third book of Gray's to read and I think that Her Secret is my favorite of the three. I'm still holding out to get to read some more of her books soon, too. 

Her Secret was very suspenseful and while that isn't something I am typically drawn to, I couldn't put this book down. This book follows Hannah's story as she and her family move to a new area after she has been stalked by someone she met while on her rumspringa. While this storyline is a focus of the book, there are several other storylines intertwined that were just as interesting including Hannah's father's illness and her sister who is rebelling a bit. 

One of the things I loved about this particular Amish fiction story was that it showed how the Amish aren't so straight and narrow in every aspect of life. Not to say that they don't follow set of religious guidelines etc but they are human and they make mistakes. I'm not sure if that make sense like it does in my head. While so much of the Amish's life revolves around caring for their family and their homestead, they experience troubles, too. 

The troubles Hannah and her family go through are intense and often made hold my breath but the ending of the story is an incredible and left me wanting to read more about them! 

**Thanks for this book, Litfuse!**

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